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Our Program

Young Infants - 6 weeks to around 10 months

Our infant room is run by infants!  Babies run the show in the infant room with each one on their own schedule.  We provide iron fortified infant formula, Gerber brand Rice Cerearl and Gerber Baby Food.  Feel free to bring in your childs preferred foods in place of the above.  At the end of each day we send home a log of diaper changes, feeding amounts and times and nap times.

Older Infants - Around 10 months to 15 months.

We work on getting the children on a more of a schedule in this room.  The children transistion to eating solid foods, drinking out of sippy cups, and sitting at a child sized table for meal times.

Toddler Room - 15 months to 2 years

We add a bit of structure to the day in this class.  Children participate in activities such as art projects, reading stories, and singing songs.  The teachers in this age group focus a lot on self- help skills and we transition from sippy cups to open top cups and cots for naptime.  

See the daily schedule here.

2 Year Old Room

In this classroom we work hard on potty training and take hourly restroom breaks.  We have center times, story time, art time and free play.  Learning colors, shapes, counting and learning to sing the alphabet are a main goal.

See the daily schedule here.

3 Year Old Room

The three year olds continue on with learning the basic concepts.  We work on spelling and recognizing their name, letters and letter sounds and numbers.  

See the daily schedule here.

4 Year Old Room

After breakfast the four year olds do any number of things such as free play, activity centers, story time, and art.

We continue to work on the concepts they began learning in the three year old room and learn to write their names, letters, and numbers as well.  

See the daily schedule here.

School Age Room

Children can board the bus and be dropped off at the center.  After school we have a snack, work on homework, play outside, or play at activity centers.  

We have a summer program where we take the kids on field trips and do different activities.  Also, the Effingham Library visits us for the summer reading program once a week.  

Here is a brief overview of what each classroom focuses on.  For a more in depth look at what each class does during the day click on the daily schedule link at the bottom of each classrom description.

Part of a great beginning is healthy eating.  Nutritious meals and snacks give your child the fuel to power their bodies and minds.  We follow the USDA nutritious meal/snack guidelines with every bite we serve the children.  

Click here for a sample breakfast menu.  

Click here for a sample lunch menu.